Mera Accountant
An Online Accountant


Everybody, a salaried or a business person, should keep a track of  money  and  transactions and the best way is to keep and maintain  proper books of accounts and have personal and business  Balance Sheet. Proper books of accounts well supported by all relevant documents also facilitate the easy and hassle free compliances with  various Departments giving peace of mind.

MERA ACCOUNTANT is providing a helping hand.

We can help you with :

  • Data Entry Online or Offline with Simple Forms.

  • Online Help for your assistance.

  • Various Articles for your information.

  • Frequently Asked Questions Bank.

  • Reminders and Alerts for updating accounts.

  • Replies to your queries related to the accounting and audit.

      How to Access this Power ?
  • Registered Company by filing up the Form.

  • After  receipt of  your  Registration Form, we will communicate to you  regarding procedures and payment of accounting fees.

  • After receipt of payment,  we will  provide you a company code along with the user ID and password.

  • Your  gatepass for accessing the services,
    will  be a  Combination of  your  Company code, User ID and  Password

  • Special formats are designed to send your  information / accounting data.  The Forms are very easy to fill so anybody from your organisation or even you can handle all of accounting.

  • You will be  receiving  reminders to keep accounting on regular basis and updated.

  • You will be alerted with the new changes, announcements  and  modifications in the status.

  • Clarifications,  if  required,  for processing your  information / details  submitted  for accounting, will be attended through E-mails.