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Welcome to the new ONLINE professional accounting system expressly developed, designed for the Internet, which gives all, whether small or medium size, enterprises all of the traditional client/server software's power, performance and advantages, with saving in the costs and headaches.

Simply log on to our web site, specify your accounts, import your data, and begin working. There is no software to install, or any hardware to buy and configure. You need only one single online accounting system for whole organisation and not separate accounting systems setups for each office.

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You and your authorised staff have the secure and real-time access to your accounting data and system from any Internet connected computer at anytime, day or night and from wherever you are, as if you were working at the office. Access, view, modify, check your accounting data at your suitable time and from your place.

Your executives and managers can work online with vendors, colleagues, accountants and bankers, simultaneously and in real-time, with all the parties able to view and interact with the most current accounting reports and data, as easily asif, they were in the same office, even though they are located in different offices, cities, or time zones.

The data and transactions are automatically disseminated to the relevant accounts and the ledgers, once they have been entered into the system, and nomatter when or where they have been entered. As a result, an upto-the-minute intelligence on the financial state of your business, enables you to make better, more timely business decisions than ever before

With Mera Accountant, you receive a powerful, professional quality accounting solution at reasonable cost. Our policy of "pay as you grow" subscription-based pricing allows you to pay for the accounting functions and services you need and even on convenient monthly basis.
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